Here at Socialista, our DMs on Instagram & Facebook are always full of questions from our lovely community. To make things a little easier for you, please find the answers to our frequently asked questions below.

Do you only work with Beauty?
We get asked this a lot! We have hundreds of clients in many industries such as:
✔️ Clothing
✔️ Personal Training
✔️ Car Leasing
✔️ Aesthetics
✔️ Pet Boutiques
✔️ Jewellery
✔️ Hair Extensions
✔️ Interior Design
✔️ Makeup
✔️ Gardening
✔️ Network Marketing
✔️ Food
✔️ Events
✔️ Beauty Salons
✔️ Cleaning
✔️ Gyms
✔️ Business Coaches
✔️ Car Leasing Companies
✔️ Mortgage Advisors
There is so much information we can give anyone, any age in any industry. 


How do I subscribe to an engagement pod?

DM us with the word "pod" on IG
& we will add you!

How do I cancel my subscription?
Firstly, we will be sad to see you go! We love our Members Squad  & hope you’ll be able to return to the family soon.
The quickest way to unsubscribe is to log into your account. If you have forgotten your password please use the function there to re set it.

If you subscribed via teachable please log in here: https://socialista-media-s-school.teachable.com/

If you subscribed via Kartra please
log in here: https://socialistamedia.kartra.com/portals/Socialista-School-Portal


Do you offer refunds?
Unfortunately we don’t offer refunds on any of our services or products. To ensure we wouldn’t need to, we offer extensive descriptions of our services on our website & captions on our social media posts so that before purchasing you can have a read through of what the service entails.

Are the results guaranteed?
Like with every single form of marketing/training, no results are guaranteed. What we can guarantee is our promise to give you ALL of the information you need & to stay current & topped up in the latest Instagram rules & techniques & to improve your sales in your biz. After training, it really is over to you… Nothing worth having comes without hard work. If you implement everything you learn from team Socialista, stay focused & work hard the sky’s the limit!

When does my Subscription start?
The first payment will be due the day you sign up & subscribe. From there, you will be billed on the date that you subscribed. If you chose an annual payment, you will make a one time payment & that will cover the entire year & then the next payment will be the year after your subscribed.

I’ve just paid for something on the website but haven’t received anything?
Please check your junk folder & the automatic receipt you will get. There will be a purchase note in the receipt. If you haven’t received anything after 2 working days please email sue@socialistamedia.co.uk so we can look into it further.