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🎬 Boss your business with the most binge worthy box set online 🍿
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How’s THAT for a line up?

Using the Booksy booking software
Want to turn client bookings into a streamlined, plug and play process? You need Booksy, babe!

Online Bookings -
Bookin' 99 🚨

Using influencers to boost your brand
It’s 2021 and you’re not using the power of influencer marketing? Take a seat and don’t you dare skip the intro on this one.

Influencer Training -
How I Met Your Influencer 👫

How to build engagement & followers.
Fill the front row with highly-engaged, raving fans and followers galore! Learn how to go from spotlight avoider, to sparkling supernova.

Engagement & Followers Training - When They See You (And They LOVE you!) 🔦

Creating awesome Instagram stories
Want to make sales, right out in the open, without causing any suspicion or coming across as 'salesy'? Stick your pork pie hat on and follow me into the world of selling and scaling your audience through stories. 

Instagram Stories -
Story Blinders 🥧

Nail your network marketing
Bougie parties, a slick social media presence and all-star clients? It's time to make that rooftop your daily hangout with a network marketing strategy that basically sells itself!

Network Marketing -
Selling Sunsets + Sets + Sets 🌆

How to set goals and achieve them ASAP
Hold your head high and carry on to the next big milestone by utilising effective goal setting, learning how to CEO like royalty and wear your Goal-Getter crown with pride!

Batch creating content so you never run out
Get your glad-rags on, creating content is a ball with my BTS tips for courting the crowds.

Goal Setting -
Preparing to wear The Crown 👑

Content Banking -
Batcherton 📷

Starring Stephanie of By The Way Creative fame
Writing sales copy for Instagram that converts
Want rebelliously good sales copy that always makes the Cut? Ride with Stephanie's crew of copy-hacks and start building deals, relationships and profitable partnerships that'll have clients dying to get in your club ;)

Sales Captions -
Sons of Sales Copy 🏍️

Starring Ayse of Surge Social fame
Facebook Ads Expert Training
Ads virgin? Not sure where you stand in your relationship with Facebook? Fast forward from first base to third without the awkward fumbling.

Starring Ayse of Surge Social fame
How to run the perfect Facebook community
Ready to create Facebook groups and pages that are Facebook heaven for your audience? Wanna give them gorgeous value that feels too good to be true? Ayse's the architect that'll show you how to build it!

Facebook & Instagram Ads -
Ads Education 🍆

Facebook Pages & Groups -
Facebook's The Good Place 💬

Starring Ayse of Surge Social fame
Email Marketing Expert Training
Committed to locking up those open rates? Ready to bounce the bad guys? Email marketing is for the good guys, and our Ayse is on hand to show you how to put the cuffs on email conversions for good!

Email Marketing -
Subject Line Of Duty 🚔

How to take the perfect photos for your feed
Up the creek without a paddle when it comes to getting your IG pics just right? Ugh, welcome to frown town! If only you could get rid of that wrinkle, sex up the lighting and put your pics of fleek from your phone... wait, in this module that's exactly what you'll be doing.

Photo Editing -
Pic's Creek 🚣‍♀️

Creating EPIC Instagram Reels
In IG jail 'cos you can't bring yourself to make a reel? Break out, baby girl! In this easy to follow training you'll be busting the bars that've got your engagement incarcerated WIDE OPEN!

It's all plain sailing until IG kicks up a storm with it's ever changing algorithm. Become the caption of your account and first-mate to your followers in this wave-making IG training.

Reels Training -
Reels Are The New Black 🍊

Instagram Training -
Instagram Below Deck 🚢


PR Training -
Queen of the Word of Mouth

Front page coverage? Gal about town that everyone wants to speak to? Our PR expert, Jen, is all about building the know, like + trust factor with word-of-mouth exposure!

Expert Accountancy Training
How to get your finances on fleek with Kerri!

Million Dollar Baby 💰

30 poses for feed fash-un!

Instagram's Next Top Model 🤳

Expert Hashtag Training
Take your hashtag strategy from crime scene to being SEEN!

How To Get Away With Hashtags #️⃣


Starlet, you were made for more than hiding in the shadows.
 It’s time to step into the social spotlight and claim your place on the red carpet.

From award winning accountancy skills, to ads that attract dream roles… all you’ve got to do is throw on your onesie, grab a rose and SocialFlix and chill!


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